The Saturn Philosophy

by Beth HOLLIS

Saturn was created with one simple philosophy- put people first! The mission was clear—create a different kind of car company; one with a singular focus—people. They set out to create a company that was dedicated to finding new ways for people to work together to design, build and sell cars. And they've done just that. Since the birth of Saturn Corporation in January of 1985 to now, the Saturn product, sales experience and service experience is about our employees and our customers, our people.

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The 2006 Saturn Aura

Our famous no-hassle, no-haggle pricing policy was the start of our pleasant, enjoyable shopping experience. At West-Herr Saturn of Orchard Park and Saturn of Clarence the commitment of our employees to deliver the best car buying experience a customer has ever had is unparalleled. Our sales consultants are here to provide our customers with their wants and needs in a vehicle in the most efficient and professional manner. They take great pride in satisfying each and every one of our customers. There is always an energy in the dealerships when an individual or a family is picking up their Saturn. The team is as excited for the customer as the customer is to be driving away in their brand new Saturn. It's a phenomenal feeling when you've been able to help someone with such a significant decision. In the beginning, Saturn Corporation established five core values: Continuous Improvement, Commitment to Excel, Customer Enthusiasm, Teamwork and Trust and Respect for Each Individual- as the foundation from which to build it's company. Today, at both of the West-Herr dealerships, they are the guiding force of all of our decisions. They are as strongly adhered to in our day-to-day operations as they were when we first opened the doors. They enable us to always live up to the Saturn philosophy of putting People First!

Over the years Saturn, both corporately and locally, has been awarded honors by many organizations for our honesty, integrity and superior customer satisfaction. Most recently, the hype surrounding Saturn has expanded to include product- and we couldn't be more excited. Not only has the stylish yet economical Saturn Ion exceeded our customer's expectations but the 250hp Saturn Vue is safety, performance and fun wrapped up into an adaptable SUV for every lifestyle. When the 2005 product arrived we couldn't get the word out fast enough- and now, well, we're nearly speechless with the unbelievable products Saturn is about to unleash. Our all new 7 passenger Relay is the first family utility vehicle that truly offers something for everyone in the family without the slightest compromise of our people first philosophy in quality, safety, performance, and economy.

And in 2006 - the Sky is truly the limit for Saturn. If you haven't had the opportunity to take a peek online at the new roadster set to hit showrooms in early 2006, make a point to visit us at the Erie County Fairgrounds on August 13th and 14th, where it will be making a live appearance - and be prepared to be blown away. With the launch of the Sky comes a new design philosophy for Saturn called the "technical harmony," combining a crisp, clean exterior with a charismatic, flowing interior. This exciting new design represents only the beginning of Saturn's renaissance. Later in '06 we will see the new mid-size sedan, the Aura and again- WOW. The Aura maintains all that has made Saturn the brand that it is but delivers top-notch luxury! It has the styling and performance that will be desired by the masses.

With all of the exciting new products designed to add panache to the Saturn brand, one thing remains at both Saturn of Orchard Park and Saturn of Clarence—we have, and always will, put People First!

Beth Hollis is the General Manager for Saturn of Orchard Park.

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