West Herr Consultants are Long-Term, Career-Minded Professionals


There is a strange phenomenon surrounding the auto sales business. It seems that at most dealerships you can count on your salesperson to be there a matter of at best a couple of years. Why is that? At West Herr you can expect your Professional Automotive Sales Consultant to be a lifetime employee!

Your automotive sales professional helps you to make the second most expensive buying decision of your life. Wouldn’t you expect that they would be a seasoned, tenured professional working within a company with high standards?

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That is what you will find at the West Herr Automotive Group. We have one of the lowest turnover rates of any auto dealer group in the country. We are dedicated to ongoing training and we hold our sales consultants to very high standards. That is why our award winning sales professionals stay.

While we hold our employees to high standards, they hold West Herr to a high standard, too. That is why Business First has named West Herr the Best Place to Work in Western New York for businesses our size.

Another badge of honor that makes it easy for sales professionals to find a long-term happy home at West Herr is that we would never ask, allow or expect our sales consultants to work in anything other than a completely honest, open and trustworthy way. That is probably why the West Herr Automotive Group is the only three time winner of the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Business Ethics. Keep in mind that the Torch Award is a Business award, not just a “Car Dealer” award.

It is also no accident that we have the most professional consultants in the business. The interviewing and hiring process is arduous at West Herr. We do not accept just any candidate, and when we feel a person may be a good fit, chances are good that she or he will go through up to five interviews before being offered a position

So, if you visit a West Herr dealership and recognize the same faces, it’s no surprise. Our consultants are highly trained, highly motivated professionals with their hearts and minds in the right place. They are here to stay to offer you the most honest and rewarding sales experience.

Welcome to West Herr New York and welcome to the difference our people make for you.

Ray Ammerman is General Manager for West Herr Jaguar.

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