February 1998

Dick Welker

by Stephanie TABER

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At age 72, after battling prostate cancer and back surgery, Dick Welker is still doing it all—hunting, fishing, golfing and bowling.

Dick was recently inducted into the W.N.Y. Baseball Hall of Fame. He was inducted into the W.N.Y. Softball Hall of Fame in 1977. After his career in baseball he went to work as an automobile salesman and retired from Awald-Paddock Chevrolet in 1988. Dick’s dedication and efforts awarded him a place in the Chevrolet Legion of Leaders for a consecutive 24 years. During this time he also bowled three nights a week. He carried an average of over 200 and often qualified to appear on “Beat the Champ.”

Dick spends his winters in Florida playing golf every day and continues to bowl one day a week. This fall he bagged a 5 point buck with a bow and arrow! A known fact is that Dick enjoys his 3 daughters and 2 grandchildren.

Stephanie Taber is a freelance writer.


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