October 1998

Dorothy Stahlnecker

by Joseph H. RADDER

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Dorothy Stahlnecker, a dynamic, energetic, professional woman, mother, and grandmother of six, relishes opportunities to make dreams for both herself and those around her reality.

Born in Syracuse, she has lived all but six years of her life in the Greater Buffalo area. Managing her husband’s home remodeling business for over 10 years was her entry into the business world. In 1975, in her kitchen, Dorothy, Hannah, Father Sam, and Gerry Stahlnecker founded and perfected Father Sam’s Syrian bread from an ancient old family recipe.

Motivated by the success of the bread business she went on to pursue a career in real estate, eventually founding MJ Peterson’s Commercial Division, one of the most respected real estate companies serving Western New York today. As vice President of the Community Division of MJ Peterson she leads by example, using integrity and honesty.

“There’s no mountain or door you can’t climb or open when you assemble the right team (and that can be for your dream(s) as well).”

Inspired by 50Plus contributors to Living Prime Time, she found herself reflecting upon her avocation of journalism and the opportunity to convey to the other her value of family time spent together. The loving Mom of a beautiful daughter and son (whom she lost so suddenly in an auto accident) she would like to share with her reading audience some of the fun and exciting places, times and activities spent with her children and grandchildren.

"Children are a national treasure and an ever flowing natural resource.”

Joseph H. Radder is a freelance writer.


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