August 1999

Rose Sierzchula

by Joseph H. RADDER

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Rose Sierzchula was born in Buffalo on April 6, 1938. Rose remembers” if it were today” the times of riding street cars in Buffalo and getting her first television set at age thirteen.

In 1954 Rose graduated from St. Mary’s Business School at the age of 16. From St. Mary’s, Rose had a short-lived career as a bookkeeper for a local insurance company. She quit at 19 to start raising her family-originally her children, and now her grandchildren. Since her retirement, Rose has had several part-time jobs during holidays, but has for the most part dedicated her self to her family.

While Rose’s daughters, Diane and Debbie, were growing up she actively served as a member of the Home School Guild and volunteered at her church. Unfortunately she has in recent years been unable to serve as actively in the community because of an open-heart surgery performed ten years ago.

Since her surgery Rose says that she appreciates everything much more and she lives for her three granddaughters, 16-year-old Jennifer, 10-year-old Kristen, and 4-year-old Ashley, who she helped raise.

This September Rose and her husband Alfred will be celebrating their 43rd wedding anniversary, and will remain Forever Young...and active..

Joseph H. Radder is a freelance writer.


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