April 1997

Bob Ryan

by Joseph RADDER

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Bob Ryan is now 87 years young.

His career in social work was interrupted in 1941 when he entered the Army in World War II. He prides himself in “surviving 3 D-Days.”

In 1942 he led assault troups onto the red beaches of North Africa. Then in 1943 he again was in the first wave to land in Sicily. Finally, in 1944, he earned a Bronze Star for bravery in the famous Normandy landing.

Being fluent in German, he became the official interpreter for the1st Infantry Division.

Returning to social work after the war, Bob counseled Veterans for10 years.

“Never at a loss for words,” he enjoyed teaching German at Canisius College, St. Mary’s School in Lancaster and at Bishop Turner.

Although officially retired for 22 years, Bob finds it extremely satisfying to assist young men and women - several days each week - and has become an admired mentor to many.

“By helping others, I help myself...and enjoy being forever young and active.” 

Joseph Radder is a freelance writer.


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