November 1996

John Reardon


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If John Readron has anything to say about it, the long-standing rivalry between the Buffalo Bills and the Miami Dolphins will be immortalized in art for all to see. John, a retired football coach and athletic director, has combined his loves of football, caricatures and sculptures with one of America’s favorite snack items - peanuts.

Yes ... peanuts! He recently constructed a detailed replica of a Buffalo vs. Miami playoff game centered around his famous “peanut people” creations. The artwork can be viewed at the Monday Quarterback Club meetings.

This artist-in-the-making is becoming famous for his painstakingly accurate replicas of people out of peanuts. He has erected “peanut people” depicting President Bill Clinton and former President Jimmy Carter. Both sent John warm letters of appreciation for his art and his sense of humor. The gamut of “peanut people” subjects ranges from sports personalities, musicians, farmers, Civil War soldiers and more.

John, who lives in East Aurora with his wife Winifred, is well-known among Western New Yorkers for his humorous caricatures, many of which have been seen at retirement dinners, wedding and anniversary parties, reunions, etc. He has realized that his true calling on this earth is to make people laugh. 

Kim Ruiz Balcerzak is the Editor of Living Prime Time.


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