May 1999

Alice Poynton

by Joseph H. RADDER

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Karate, writing poetry, sculpting and numerology are just a few of Alice Poynton’s many interests. When asked what she enjoys most, Alice, a Tai Chi advocate, raised her leg to eye level and said, “Flexibility!”

A retired educator with a degree from State Teachers College, she retired not to rest, but to travel. Journeys with her late husband Walter took her to 69 countries. Although hard pressed to pick a favorite, Alice said she greatly enjoyed Portugal and Spain. She has even spent time at Lillydale, serving as a palm reader under the name “Lysbeth.”

At 87 years young, Alice stays busy maintaining her garden (including working with a compost pile!) and painting. Widowed after 60 years of marriage, she first obtained her driver’s license when she was 76. When asked what keeps her active and motivated to explore new avenues, Alice quotes a favorite saying, “If they can teach a monkey to ride a bike, they can teach you anything!”

Alice credits her good health, in part, to Jim Cvetkovski of Western New York Karate Center. If it had not been for the lessons she has taken with him, she believes she would have sustained serious injuries during a recent fall she took. “My doctor told me that a younger person in poorer physical shape would have broken bones had he or she fallen as I did,” Alice relates.

A good friend and supporter of the Greater Buffalo Chapter of the American Red Cross, Alice still enjoys learning and recommends the organization’s Pet First Aid course. “I took the class and put the information to good use when I was able to stop my dog from choking. I thought the class was a good idea in case my dog ever ran in to a problem.” If Hadji, a miniature schnauzer, could talk the only problem she’d relay is trying to keep up with Alice!

Joseph H. Radder is a freelance writer.


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