November 1996

Robert Patterson, M.D.


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One can’t help but feel at ease with Robert Patterson, M.D. Over the last 40 years, the calm demeanor of this obstetrician/ gynecologist has relaxed and assured many of his maternity patients. Although 73 and semi-retired, Bob continues to rise at 5:30 a.m. during the week to begin his work as a hospice physician at the Hospice Buffalo Inpatient Unit in Cheektowaga.
He enjoys golfing with his four sons and readily admits that when he can score “anywhere near 100” he’s happy.

Before he attended medical school, Bob received his degree in Forestry from Syracuse University. His love of the environment nurtured his hobby of bonsai gardening. At one time the Patterson household was filled with 80 bonsai. Today, Bob carefully tends to six of the delicate plants.

While his wife Pat, married sons, “wonderful daughters-in-law” and nine grandchildren keep him forever young, it’s Bob’s compassion for people that enables this spry physician to continue doing what he does best - care for patients with dignity and respect that forever touches lives with fondness.

Kim Ruiz Balcerzak is the Editor of Living Prime Time.


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