Cleta Nunn -
A New Chapter in a Distinguished Life

by Joseph H. RADDER

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Cleta Nunn is one of those fortunate people for whom the word “retirement” simply means moving on to a new set of activities and a changed lifestyle. On December 29 she retired as Director of Senior Affairs for the City of Buffalo—but she’s already begun to address a new agenda for this next chapter in a very distinguished life.

Besides enjoying her grandchildren, she will continue as an advisor for the Bailey-Delevan Board of Directors. She will also continue writing for Living Prime Time (something she dearly loves) and she’ll be working with the Broadway/ Fillmore Anti-Task Force.

As if so much activity weren’t enough for a “retired” person, Cleta is also part owner of Dan’s Delivery Service and she continues to be a dedicated matriarch to a large family of four grown children. She has a strong loving family and they all share the desire to help others.

Cleta is excited about the future for older people, reminding us that the fastest-growing segment of America’s population is age 85-100. “It’s miraculous,” she said, “what health care, good nutrition, exercise and medicine have done to accomplish this.” Cleta’s father and grandfather were both doctors in Oklahoma. “People were old at age 48 in those days,” she says. “Now, it’s not unusual to live twice as long.”

Wellness is at the center of Cleta Nunn’s life. About four years ago she joined Phil Haberstro and helped develop a program called Golden Years 2000 Plus, a special wellness program run jointly by the senior centers and the Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo. She worked with Wellness Institute Director Phil Haberstro in this endeavor, to develop a complete package of exercise, nutrition and health care. “Phil Haberstro is the most dedicated person I know. He’s sincerely committed to his goal: a healthier community,” Cleta commented.

In 1971 she joined the Erie County Health Department as a Health Administrator. In 1977 she joined the city’s senior services division at the Holling Senior Center. In 1980 she began a 12 year tenure as the director of the Schiller Park Center.. After a short stay at the Tosh Collins Senior Center in South Buffalo, Mayor Anthony Masiello asked her to become the city’s Director of Senior Affairs. Since then she has had a wonderful working relationship with the mayor and his great staff.

If there is a classic example of being Forever Young and Active, it’s Cleta Nunn. She’s living proof that the key to happier, healthier senior years is keeping active. “It’s most important to do something worthwhile every day,” she says.

It’s clear that Cleta has had many worthwhile accomplishments in her career and will continue to do so in her private life.

Joseph H. Radder is a freelance writer.


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