June 1997

Mariane Mason

by Joseph RADDER

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Forever Young perfectly describes Marianne mason. Her wit and humor are that of a person in her early 30s. She puts a smile on the face of every customer that she greets at the Burger King on Grand Island.

She became employed in September 1996 through the urging of her children. Being a widow, she found that she needed the income and the companionship she received from her co-workers and customers. She has many regular patrons that look forward to her daily smile. She has two children, MaryBeth and Cindy. MaryBeth also works at the same restaurant. She also has 7 grandchildren.

Marianne and former Forever Young star Betty Hollinger enjoy a little rivalry flirting over their good friend Joe. But when the choice is between 2 such active women, Joe can’t lose!

Joseph Radder is a freelance writer.


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