June 1997

Rose Leve


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She goes to sleep early Friday evening so she’ll be fresh for work on Saturday morning. Rose Leve at 90 years young still works one day a week, does her own cooking, maintains her two bedroom apartment, is a voracious reader and plays poker one night a week!

Rose and her husband Lou moved to Niagara Falls in 1972 to be near their daughter and her family.

The 7th of 12 children, Rose knows how important family is.

When Lou passed away in 1988, Rose learned to pay bills, balance a checkbook and make financial decisions. She is very proud of these accomplishments, but perhaps the most telling sign of her independent attitude is her job at the Wear House in the Niagara Factory Outlet Mall.

In a shop run by her daughter Sandy Wisbaum and “adopted” daughter Leah Bengart, Rose enjoys selling women’s clothing and accessories. She is an excellent salesperson, and all her co-workers agree “We couldn’t afford to pay her a commission...she’s that good!”

Congratulations to Rose Leve for remembering that life is about being active and feeling Forever Young.

Jim Sheridan is the Editor of Living Prime Time.


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