March 1997

Alice "Becky" Goodwyn


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Another Buffalo Bill’s fan is Alice “Becky” Goodwyn. She also enjoys belonging to the Quarterback Club. A huge football fan is how she describes herself. Not only does she love watching the Bills play, she also enjoys watching college football. Her favorite team is the University of Nebraska, from which she graduated and where she learned all she knows about football.

Becky had a long career, teaching first grade for 27 years. She retired in 1984.

She keeps busy in many organizations. For 10 years she has been Chairwoman of the Grand Island Red Cross. She is co-chair of the American Cancer Society Daffodil Day. Becky also belongs to the Grand Island Retired Teacher’s Association, and is an active member of Alpha Phi Alumni Group of Buffalo, an international Sorority she has been in since she was in school.

As if this wasn’t enough to keep her busy, she has three children: Thasia, Jerry and Trisha. Two of her children are doctors and the other is a teacher. She also has 10 grandchildren.

Kim Ruiz Balcerzak is the Editor of Living Prime Time.


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