October 1997

Hal & Anne Godshaw

by Joseph H. RADDER

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Hal & ANNE Godshaw met in Buffalo right after WWII. They were introduced in April, were engaged in May were married in June ... and despite all dire predictions, have already celebrated their 50th anniversary.

Before Hal and Anne ever met they both lived in Germany. In 1935 when German Jewish citizens were deprived by law of their civil rights, Hal decided that was no longer a place he wanted to remain. After leaving, he lived and worked in Ecuador for three years.

In 1938 he obtained a visa to the U.S.A. and arrived in New Orleans, coincidentally on the same day Anne arrived with her family in Hoboken.

He then moved to Dallas, Texas and 10 months before Pearl Harbor enlisted in the U.S. Army. He was a participant and witness to the “D” Day landing in Normandy.

After the war he was transferred to an intelligence unit in Berlin where he spent most of his time helping the Germans to rebuild their country...even after knowing some of his family members were killed in the holocaust.

Anne spent more years in Germany than Hal. At the age of 10 she was forced out of the public school system and then attended a poorly equipped Jewish school.

She and her family emigrated to New York City where she finished High School and later moved to Buffalo.

Hal and Anne are still happily married and active members of the community. In 1947 they were part of the original group starting the “Young Marrieds” at Temple Beth Zion.

Anne, as a charter member of the Buffalo Chapter of The National Council of Jewish Women, has volunteered in setting up libraries in Buffalo schools and has worked with handicapped children.

She also became a board member of Studio Arena Theater and chaired the activities of the American Field Service at Kenmore West High School.

Hal started an insurance business shortly after they were married.

He is retired now and his son Michael has taken over the business.

They have three children in all, three daughters-in-law and 7 “wonderful” grandchildren. The entire family enjoys sporting activities together.

Hal remarks, “For a great family, good friends, an active life, a sense of humor and, most of all, good health...we have no regrets and are thankful to our lucky stars.”

Joseph H. Radder is a freelance writer.


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