April 1998

Charley & Adele Feingersh

by Stephanie TABER

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Charley and Adele Feingersh

Forever Young! What a melodic sound
The most beautiful I've heard.
It sounds as lyrical
as the song of a bird.

How did this happen?
It's a story to be told:
How can it be
that we don't feel old?

Well Charley and I
have been together 52 years.
We've had many huzzahs
And solaced each other, 'mid many tears.

Our family is as precious
as jewels that we treasure
and the grandchildren now give us
immeasurable pleasure!

Our golden years glimmer
and sparkle like gold.
So what is the secret
of not feeling old?

Charley loved, honored & cherised me
all of my life.
I helped him and made sure
to be a good wife.

We helped many others
along the way--
worked hard,
but left lots of time to play.

We make new plans
read, travel and learn as we live.
So this is the best advice
we can give:

be thankful and kind,
and cheerfully face each day,
laughing a bit along the way.

And when evening comes
and the day is done
you will feel contentedly--
Forever Young.

We put the past behind us.
What comes ahead we will not mind.
The presenr is so much fun.
We know the best is yet to come!

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