March 1999

Ed Cudney

by Joseph H. RADDER

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Former amateur boxer Ed Cudney has been involved in sports since he was nine years old, boxing in the Babcock (Buffalo) Boys Club. He went on to teach sports in area Boys Clubs, community centers, Buffalo Division for Youth, Police Athletic Club (PAL) and the old CCC camp, as well as in the U.S. Army.

Today this 79 year old works daily in City Hall as curator for the Buffalo Boxing Museum. The museum is dedicated to the first 50 years of the century when Buffalo ranked 2nd in the nation for boxing. During that time Buffalo boasted six world champions—more than any other city its size.

For the past 12 years Cudney has held the PAL Boxing Show on a lot he owns in Buffalo affectionately dubbed “Cudney Park”. The show attracts two hundred people on average.

Cudney also conducts tours through the Buffalo Boxing Museum. For more information you can contact Cudney at 851-4295. 

Joseph H. Radder is a freelance writer.


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