May 1998

Fred Cimato

by Stephanie TABER

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On April 18, 1958 FRED CIMATO arrived in Buffalo from Calabria, Italy at the tender age of 16. On that same first day in the United States he met Maria Scozzari who had moved to Buffalo from her home in Sicily in 1954. After a whirlwind romance, Fred and Maria married in 1964.

Fred worked in construction for 5 years and then became a hairstylist—his chosen profession for the last 34 years.

His dedicated services at St. Gregory The Great are shining examples of his generous and thoughtful giving.

Many people in Western New York know Fred and consider him a true friend.

Maria is the perfect housewife who puts special love and care into each and every magnificent gift blanket she creates.

As a dedicated homemaker—she boasts of three daughters, Laura Anne, Carolee and Lina...and eldest child, Michael.

The love and attention Maria and Fred bestow on these fine children and 5 grandchildren...are great examples for all 50Plus Living Prime Timers—who look forward to the best—which is yet to come.


Stephanie Taber is a freelance writer. 


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