August 1996

Audre Bunis


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Audre Bunis is an organizer. Early in her life she enjoyed helping her friends, starting clubs, working on various projects and putting on shows. She has carried that quality into adult life and is happiest when she is on a “mission.”

Some of those have included developing benefit dinners for multiple sclerosis research, special projects for the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, serving as a Studio Arena trustee and working on programs for the Friends of the School of Architecture at UB.

Her biggest challenge now is finding the right consignment merchandise for the Chautauqua Art Gallery shop from local professional artists. She includes her two grandchildren in all her projects to “expand their horizons” by attending shows at art galleries, Philharmonic concerts and theater productions.

Physical and mental pursuits are also important to her. Audre trains privately and exercises three times a week, plays tennis during the winter and takes enrichment courses at Trinity Church.

Kim Ruiz Balcerzak is the Editor of Living Prime Time.


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