September 2002

Jessica Babb
Living Life to the Fullest

by Erin Collins

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Born in Toronto, Canada, Jessica Babb grew up with a strong religious background. Her family taught her that helping others would have great importance in life. At one time, her mother, Lena, was President of Haddasah, an organization that supports the people of Israel.
Over 50 years ago, a 22-year-old Canadian girl, newly married to an American serviceman, moved to Western New York. She began a new life, in a new place. Now, Jessica Babb lives life to the fullest in Williamsville, NY and loves every minute of it. Jessica has always been a very athletic person. In high school, she earned her letter as a cheerleader. Her lifelong love and appreciation for all sports continues today.

When Jessica moved to the States, she became involved in many charitable organizations and clubs. Jessica has been active with Brandies University and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. She also takes part in SABAH, where she helps blind children learn how to ice skate.

Her list of activities goes on and on. Organizing and participating in charitable fashion shows, golf tournaments and a regular on the tennis courts are just some of the additional activities that keep Jessica looking and feeling young. To top it off, she teaches dance professionally, instructing people of all walks of life and ages, including everyone from the handicapped to the elderly to engaged couples preparing for their special day.

“She’s meticulously groomed at all times, well coordinated, much younger looking than her chronological age (and if you should ask her age she would reply with a saying that her mother always used, ‘Can you keep a secret? Well, so can I.’)...With her innate beauty, she still causes heads to turn,” says her loving husband Louis. He goes on to express, “With her outgoing personality and desire to help, she leads a very busy and productive life.”

Jessica is quick to add, “I have the sweetest husband in the world!” But Louis insisted she not say any more about him.

Jessica has traveled to many places around the world. She became interested in the different cultures and customs and still loves to travel today.

“The most exciting mode of travel is by sea, I love a cruise,” said Jessica. Her most memorable trip was to Japan about 20 years ago.

“I love the orient,” she said, “because it’s so different.” She has also been to Norway, Sweden, the Mediterranean, Russia and many other places.

Jessica loves to entertain. She and Louis have a deep love for the arts, particularly the opera and the ballet. Aida is her much loved opera and Placido Domingo is her favorite tenor.

All of Jessica’s children have migrated to the south. Sherry and her family reside in Atlanta, GA, her son Eddie lives in Charlotte, NC and Alanna and her boys are in Knoxville, TN.

When asked how seniors can stay healthy and active, Jessica gave this advise,

“They have to get up early, get out and do things and get involved. If you can’t participate in anything athletic, use your head and do things that demand using your intellect.”

Jessica says a fairly healthy diet is also important. “Eat anything you like in moderation, that’s my motto,” she said.

Jessica Babb’s vivacious personality and positive outlook allow her to use her talents and abilities to help others while having a lot of fun herself.

“I get up early and go to bed late,” she said, “I love my life.”

Erin Collins is a Staff Associate with Living Prime Time.


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