December 2000

Pearl Lee Ausberry -
Giving Thanks at 100 Years of Age

by Vince EVANS

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To her grandchildren, her great grandchildren, and her great great grandchildren, Pearl Lee Ausberry is a blessed and special woman. To others whose lives she touched, she is revered for her ministry and wisdom.

Having moved to Buffalo in 1934 with her husband, George Washington Ausberry and two daughters, Lillie Pearl and Curley Mae, she brought with her an unquenchable desire to advance the work of her church. As word of her prayer meetings began to spread in the city, Evangelist Pearl Ausberry witnessed growth in the congregation to the extent that relocation to larger quarters was required three times. All during this time, the “Great Aus”, as she is known to family, preached, sang, prayed and helped others through life’s most difficult circumstances.

She twice traveled to the Holy Land and on one memorable return flight home, the engines aboard the airliner stopped. They restarted, but to Pearl Ausberry, the power of prayer is most convincing. She once remarked after her Bible was stolen that the person who took it must have needed it more than she at that time. So devoted was she to her mission.

In recognition of her compassionate work for the church, the Greater Emmanuel Temple Church on Richmond Avenue, Buffalo, named its library, the Pearl L. Ausberry Library.

Her family and friends recently joined her in celebrating her birthday.....her 100th birthday, in October. And on that day, Pearl Ausberry, with only the use of a cane for support, stood and sang “Shelter for Me” - giving thanks, inspiring others, singing for her supper - knowing that even at 100 years of age, the Best is yet to come.

Vince Evans is a freelance writer.


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