March 2000

Stan Pikul

by Joseph RADDER

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It’s all in the numbers for Stan Pikul. Born 9/29/47, Stan moved at age 10 from Larkin Street in Buffalo to Elmwood Avenue. In 1961, he attended Cathedral School, enjoying 2 sports: baseball and basketball. It was at Bishop Fallon High School, though, where Stan earned his nickname “Babe” (playing baseball), while adding a third -and most loved - sport to his talents: tennis.

At Morehead State University, Stan joined the Aquila Club, and Phi Delta Kappa, and after 4 years, in 1969 finished a BA, his first degree. Tapped to receive a Graduate Assistantship in the Math Department, Stan completed his Master Degree in June of 1970.

Returning to Buffalo, School 43 needed a Grade 7 Math Teacher, beginning Stan’s career in the Buffalo Public School system. Within one year, it was on to School 19, teaching grades 5 and 6, until 1985. In 1995, Stan received a nomination for outstanding service in Mathmatics as “Teacher of the Year” in New York State.

The teacher now teaches teachers, mentoring new recruits in the school system. In addition, his newest challenge has taken him to a new department, working as an instructor in the Health Impaired Office, which services children who are unable to attend regular school, receiving instructions instead in-home, at hospitals and in other institutions.

An avid golfer now, Stan boasts a 14 handicap, and 2 holes-in-one at Western New York area courses. By the numbers, he jogs 20 or more miles per week, has served in 3 other capacities (in real estate, as a bartender, and Board of Director of Knights of Columbus 142), and, last but not least, helps rear his 2 children, Garrett, 16 and Meryl, 13.

Joseph Radder is a freelance writer.


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