January 1999

Phil Haberstro

by Stephanie TABER

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Buffalo-born and raised Phil Haberstro has made physical health a priority throughout his life. At Brockport College Phil captained both the football and rugby teams. After graduating, he went on to work for Brockport College; the Buffalo Athletic Club and Buffalo Fitness Consulting before founding the non-profit Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo and Western New York in 1988.

Phil has served our community through leadership roles including National Chair of the Health Policy Committee Association for Worksite Health Promotion, President of the New York State Federation of Health Educators and membership in the New York State Governor’s Council on Lifetime Health and Fitness.

Currently, Phil keeps busy as Chair of the Greater Buffalo All-America City Committee and the New York State Physical Activity Coalition. He Co-Chairs Vision for Tomorrow and the Coalition for a Tobacco Free Erie Niagara Region. Phil also serves as the National Chairperson of the All-America City Alumni.

His heroes? - “Mom and Dad! They provided me all the support and love a son and my brothers could hope for.”
Phil believes Buffalo will have an exciting future when public, private, non-profit and civic sectors work together on a regular basis. A healthy “civic infrastructure” is the key to our regional success. 

Stephanie Taber is a freelance writer.


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