January 2000

Lauren Fix

by Danielle BAUTZ

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Lauren Jonas Fix was born in Detroit—and does have motor oil in her veins. Given the strong automotive culture of that city, Lauren was exposed to “things automotive” at an early age. She became her father’s helper at age 10, fetching tools and cleaning supplies as he maintained and repaired the family cars.

Not surprisingly, Lauren’s father worked in the auto industry. During his career he worked as an engineer for each of the Big Three automakers. By growing up in an environment filled with cars and “car talk,” Lauren learned car repair skills and absorbed other automotive knowledge very quickly. She found that she was not only learning but having fun in the process.
In 1981, just a year after Lauren got her driving license, she began competing in performance driving events sponsored by the Sports Car Club of America. In 1982 Lauren won the Northeast Division Ladies Class. She has been a professional driving instructor since 1983 and now operates the Driving Ambitions performance driving school at Watkins Glen in Upstate New York.

Lauren graduated from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1985, where she majored in Business Administration with concentrations in Marketing, Economics and Engineering. That background prepared her for the positions she holds today as Vice President of Classic Tube, Inc. and board member of Stainless Steel Brake Corp. She is also on the Board of Directors for both the Mustang Museum and the National Women’s Automotive Association.

Lauren has established herself as a driving safety expert and is a regular guest expert on the major television network stations in Buffalo. Lauren has authored two books and numerous magazine articles. She is frequently called upon as a consultant by major automotive manufacturers. Most recently Lauren was selected by Ford Motor Company to be a spokesperson and training consultant for the launch of the 1999 Ford F-Series Super Duty trucks.

Lauren also keeps her engine running at home as mother of daughter Shelby, 6, and son Paul III, 5. When she’s not racing, Lauren enjoys fitness training and golfing.

Danielle Bautz is the Editor of Living Prime Time


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