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September 1997

Coordinated Care’s Prime Time Awards


Coordinated Care is pleased to introduce its 1997 Prime Time Awards honorees. These awards were created to honor Western New York citizens who exemplify successful aging.

The Prime Time Awards luncheon honoring this year’s awardees will be held on Tuesday, September 23 from11:45 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Buffalo. For more information call 858-2307.


Elizabeth HARVEY

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Elizabeth HARVEY has the fire and sense of purpose of a person much younger in years. Combine this with a keen mind and the wisdom that only comes with age and experience and you have a unique individual who has made significant contributions to the community. She is an inspiration and role model to many individuals who have been fortunate to work with her. Liz is straightforward and almost always sensitive and diplomatic unless, of course, you’re challenging something she really believes in! Then she is a tough adversary. More than a decade ago when the existence of the School of Social Work was threatened, Liz worked hard with other community leaders to let the powers that be know that this community wanted a strong School of Social Work at the University - and, of course, she succeeded. Another good example of her leadership ability occurred when, as Chairperson of the Board of the Blind Association, it was her responsibility to find a new Executive Director of the floundering organization and then see to it that innovative programs were developed to meet the needs of the blind and visually impaired. She did an excellent job in recruiting an Executive Director and led the organization as it became strong and gained local, statewide and national recognition. One of her volunteer activities is to type books into Braille for the visually impaired. Liz’s nominator writes: “she is one of the greatest examples of successful aging.”


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Mary Crosby CHAPPELLE, a “Legend” in Western New York history, is a retired Public School teacher of Special Education. Mrs. Chappelle graduated Cum Laude from Clark College, Atlanta, Georgia with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Social Science and Education. In April 1935, she came to Buffalo as a temporary substitute teacher. After taking courses in Exceptional Education she was assigned to school #75 for the area’s exceptional students. She also projected her interests and concerns in the areas of religious, social, racial, interracial and organization life. She has been a panelist for public interest groups, a lecturer for radio and television and instructor in some federal programs, mediator of forums, symposiums, seminars and a reporter for local newspapers.

Dr. & Mrs. (Addie Marsh) Gaeddert. Dr. GAEDDERT

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Dr. & Mrs. (Addie Marsh) Gaeddert. Dr. GAEDDERT is a 30 year (and founding) member of the Chautauqua County Rural Ministry - an organization committed to improving the lives of minorities and low income citizens in the community. He is a 30 year member of the Fredonia Kiwanis Club and a devoted Quaker and member of the county’s Center for Peace and Justice He is totally committed to his work as a member of the community’s Holocaust Remembrance Committee. He lives for peace. Addie, for well over a decade, has been a member of the League of Women Voters and Coordinator of its Meet the Candidates Programs. She is a member of the Chautauqua County Home Auxiliary and past Chairperson of its annual Strawberry Festival fund-raiser. As a member of the SUNY Fredonia College Foundation Board for over 10 years, she serves as Special Events Chairperson and is a member of the Fredonia 1891 Opera House Personnel Committee.


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Gretchen STRINGER believes that we are only as old as we feel and that age is no excuse for not helping those less fortunate than ourselves. Gretchen is known throughout Western New York for her activity in so many organizations, including acting as Board Chair of the Girl Scouts of Erie Co. and the Voluntary Action Center of the United Way. She is the founding Chairperson of the Central Referral Service and the founding Vice Chair of the Erie Co. Commission on the Status of Women. As an active member of the National Association of Women Business Owners, she acts as Committee Chair for Entrepreneurial Education, which encourages young women to think about new and challenging careers and she is Co-Chair of the All Women Built Habitat for Humanity house being constructed in Buffalo this summer. Her boundless energy infects the people around her and she has signed up and coordinated over 200 volunteers to work on the construction of the house.


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Melba SIEBOLD sense of purpose and generous nature are a true testament to a very long and successful life. She is an inspiration to all of her peers as well as those whom she touches daily. Melba retired from teaching music in 1960. After she retired, she and her husband traveled, but when he became ill and later died, she knew that there was more work to be done for others. Her music left an indelible mark on her sense of commitment. She was instrumental in saving the lives of 24 children in her music class during the disastrous school fire in 1954. After a two year recovery from the burns and smoke inhalation she returned to teaching. She became an effective advocate for teaching stringed instruments to elementary school children. She fought for and established the Cleveland Hill elementary School Orchestra at a time when it was not fashionable to teach the very young difficult music.


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Robert DONOUGH has been selected as the First Annual recipient of the Ralph Loew Humanitarian Award. Bob, a long time leader in Buffalo’s business and philanthropic communities, currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Presbyterian Homes of Western New York, Inc. In addition, he has held leadership positions at Buffalo General Hospital, SUNYAB School of Management, Greater Buffalo Development Foundation, Canisius College, Buffalo Philharmonic, United Way of Buffalo and Erie County and the City Mission Society. Prior to his retirement, he was Executive Vice President of Fleet/Norstar Group, Inc. Bob has a degree in Business Administration from Lebanon Valley College and an MBA from Harvard University. He has also served as a lieutenant in the United States Naval Reserve.

For more information, call Coordinated Care at (716) 858-2307.


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