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September 1996

Coordinated Care’s Fabulous Five

Coordinated care is pleased to introduce its 1996 Prime Time Awards honorees. These awards were created to honor citizens from throughout Western New York who exemplify successful aging.

The Prime Time Awards luncheon honoring this year’s awardees will be held on Tuesday, September 24 from11:45 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Buffalo.


Coordinated Care created the Prime Time Awards to honor “Seasoned Citizens” throughout Western New York who contribute to their community in positive, productive ways and are an inspiration to others. Perhaps you know a “Seasoned Citizen” who:

Coordinated Care - your helping hand for long-term care - is funded by the Erie County Department of Social Services and the United Way of Buffalo and Erie County. Coordinated Care helps “Seasoned Citizens,” disabled individuals and their family caregivers locate needed programs and services.

The Prime Time Awards are sponsored by Coordinated Care, The Buffalo News, Independent Health, Wegmans, M&T Bank, National Health Care Affiliates and Gibraltar Steel and Adelphia Cable with additional support from Living Prime Time 50PLUS.

Last fall the Rev. Ralph W. Loew, one of the area’s best-known religious leaders, was the master of ceremonies for the first Prime Time Awards Luncheon. This year, Coordinated Care will posthumously honor Mr. Loew, who died in March. His wife, Maxine, will accept the award. In future years the Ralph W. Loew Award will be presented to other high-profile community leaders.

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Carrie Pileri

Carrie PILERI is viewed by the staff of the Clarkson Center as a guardian angel for senior citizens. The need to help others is what drives her to do volunteer work at the Center and to help older people who are not as healthy and active as she is. Carrie spends part of every day contributing to the lives of her older friends. As a Senior Companion, she functions as a medical escort, a friendly visitor and an Italian interpreter. She even attends to their nutritional needs. Her constant smile, upbeat personality and ever present energy inspire all who are around her.

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Helen Jacob

Helen JACOB is a prime example of the potential and productivity senior citizens possess. She is involved in 24 different organizations at local, state, national and international levels. Her commitments are widely diverse and range from hosting picnics for special Olympians to speaking about World War II to grade school children. She inspires a sense of self worth and imprints a desire to improve the lot of others. Her energies and personality bring happiness into the lives of others by her friendly smile, a hello, or her helping hand extending to someone in need. Her nominator writes, “Helen exemplifies successful aging but projects an ageless aura because of her many deeds.”

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Raymond Seekins

Raymond SEEKINS has an ongoing commitment to community service. He has an impressive list of volunteer activities as well as awards, and also has a strong commitment to his family and neighbors. Raymond has provided respite care and senior companion services to a neighboring family struggling with an illness for years. He also provides friendship to several individuals fighting cancer, even before his own diagnosis of cancer last year. The Dale Association, which nominated him, wrote, “The Dale Association knows Ray as a volunteer. Through volunteerism, we came to know Ray, the good samaritan. Ray truly walks life’s path, stopping to care for others.”

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Robert Wilson

Robert WILSON does not carry a burden of resentment towards the neighboring 15 year-old foster child that murdered his wife, Linda in 1977. Instead he used this tragedy as a foundation for what is now the national organization known as EPIC (Effective Parenting Information for Children). When he founded this organization in 1980, Robert wanted to help children like the 15 year-old foster child who deeply affected his life, learn the life skills necessary to become a responsible person. By empowering children, EPIC is the most effective tool for the prevention of child abuse and neglect, teenage pregnancy, juvenile crime, school drop out and substance abuse.

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Gerry Rumsey

Gerry RUMSEY’s endless energy and drive encourages almost everyone she meets. It is uncertain whether Gerry gets her young attitude from the youth she serves or the youth get their energy from her. She has worked hard to get youth services into West Seneca. She started the West Seneca Coalition Against Substance Abuse in 1987 when she became concerned about drug abuse among young people. In 1991 she successfully organized the West Seneca Youth Bureau. She works relentlessly to ensure that funding and support for youth programs continues.


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